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Looking at Ducks

It is good to look at ducks.

I never said that I do everything right.

I said I do some things right

and that the rest is a wash.

Meanwhile, I do look at ducks

and never regret my choices.

Okay, I regret one of my choices,

but it had nothing to do with you,

and it was totally understandable.

I also regret something I said

about stars and ducks and about the sky

looking down upon the earth

the way a monster looks at a child

from within a closet, eyes glinting.

The eyes, I thought, were stars,

and in that scenario we were the ducks.

But we are not like ducks, and perhaps

in a different sense we don't even like them,

but I would still contend that it's okay

to look at them, even if a bit fondly,

the way a man looks at a child

who's scared in bed -- consolingly.

For while we are not like them now,

we must realize that we once were,

so please excuse me while I look at ducks.