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At the Prytania

Venerable mushroom, I may lodge in you

tonight; may I lodge in you, tonight;

elder bede, gothic charmer, I may, may I

lodge in you; special K trickster, holy

oatmeal diviner, water witch and milk witch

and cucumber sandwich on soft bread

trimmed of crust, lily-white priest pulling

leashed pet, let me lodge in your harmless

home far from my malaise; muse Melete,

speak kindly to this cakeworm come

to your benevolent biscuit party and let

me lodge in your, may I lodge, sleep.

For difficulties associated with newspaper;

for the painstaking terrors of her laying out

each fish to dry in the sun, and for the

stucco convent outer wall that also bakes;

for the fervor of the city's red core in

which I smoke goblin horrors also red

and bake in fevers I may lodge in you,

may I. And you, old Terpsichore, I love you.