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Robert Keyes

He had neither possessions nor money more than what was necessary to maintain himself and his wife. Apart from this, he was a man magnanimous and fearless. --Oswald Tesimond

I wonder where the church calendar and other calendars intersect

such as the war calendar the sex calendar the terror calendar

the farmer's calendar and of course your calendar where your class

schedule is and I wonder how the church calendar impacts

as they say in the business world impacts the other calendars

whether it makes the events scheduled on those calendars

more meaningful or maybe creates unwanted complexity and

I wonder whether maybe we should merge them all and stop

calling them calendars but what really piques my interest is the

so called terror calendar its major holidays such as Kristallnacht

and the September Massacres and its averted holidays such as

the Gunpowder Plot I wonder if the botched execution of Robert

Keyes on the last day of January 1606 should be celebrated

he fell to the ground totally conscious was drawn and quartered

in full awareness of what was happening that sounds like

the kind of terror event that would inspire its own traditions

one might even consider moving it over to the church calendar

a kind of middle ground between the birth of Our Savior

and his Death and Resurrection a kind of reminder that unholy

men damned men have terrorized each other and felt shock

but to no avail it availed not his fellowmen the purging of his

gizzards on the block uncommemorated it probably belongs

on the farmer's calendar a reminder of seasons shifting into

seasons of the natural cycle of ups and downs that keep time

going nothing special just a little spring rain another harvest